Leather Collections


Brazil is a top-grain leather with a modern style color palette and feel. It offers a contemporary and casual look to fit most design tastes. Brazil can also adapt itself to an array of uses. It’s durability is compared to its elegance in any home décor.




Cali is a top-grain leather with a delicate protective and supple finish. With its consistent grain throughout and soft textures, this leather adds great value and durability to any leather upholstery need.




Panama offers the look of luxurious leather: with subtle two tones, silky finish grain, and stylish hand, this leather is made to fit any décor. Panama’s pigment and aniline effect is also accented with a subtle, light sheen. Panama is produced of South American bovine hide, so natural blemishes can be present, such as brands, healed scars and some insect bites.



San Blas

San Blas leather offers a rich and elegant look that fits into any design. A special wax and oil finish brings to life its tanning process which gives its unique appearance and glossy, crackle effect. Produced of South American bovine raw materials, the natural appearance of scars and branding is to be expected.